Multifunctional Woodworking Electric Planer
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Multifunctional Woodworking Electric Planer

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Preparing to Start Using Safety Practices

1. The workpiece must be clamped firmly on the fixture or the worktable, the pressure plate for clamping the workpiece must not grow out of the worktable, and no one is allowed to stand within the maximum stroke of the machine tool. The tool should not protrude too long and should be clamped firmly.

2. When calibrating the workpiece, it is strictly forbidden to knock on metal objects or push the workpiece with a tool rest.

3. When the width of the workpiece exceeds the processing width of the single-arm planer, the offset of its center of gravity to the center of gravity of the worktable should not be greater than a quarter of the width of the worktable.

4. Adjust the stroke so that the tool does not touch the workpiece, and use the handle to shake the full stroke test. After the ram is adjusted, it should be locked and the handle should be removed at any time to avoid falling and hurting people.

5. When the bed surface or workpiece of the gantry planer protrudes too long, a protective railing should be set up, and it is forbidden to pass pedestrians or stack items in the railing.

6. Before planing a large workpiece, the gantry planer should check the reserved space between the workpiece and the gantry column and tool rest, and check whether the height limiter of the workpiece is installed correctly and firmly.

7. It is forbidden to stand people, store tools and other items on the work surface, bed surface and tool rest of the gantry planer. Operators must not cross the table.

8. The force acting on the handle of the planer should not exceed 8kg when the table moves horizontally, and should not exceed 10kg when moving up and down.

9. Pay attention to sharp edges and burrs when the workpiece is loaded and unloaded and turned over.

Operation Precautions

1. Within the scope of the planing stroke, no one should stand before and after, and it is not allowed to stretch out the head and hand in front of the bull's head to observe the cutting part and the tool. Before it stops steadily, it is not allowed to measure the workpiece or remove the chips.

2. The amount of cutting and feeding should be appropriate, and the planer should be slowly approached to the workpiece before feeding.

3. The planer must be operated first before cutting or feeding the knife. When the planer is to be stopped during the planing process, the planer should be withdrawn from the workpiece first.

4. When the running speed is stable, the temperature rise of the sliding bearing should not exceed 60℃, and the temperature rise of the rolling bearing should not exceed 80℃.

5. When adjusting the travel of the gantry planer worktable, it must be stopped, and the margin at both ends at the maximum travel should not be less than 0.45m.

6. Regularly check the fixing of tools and workpieces and whether the operation of various parts of the machine tool is normal.

Downtime Considerations

1. If it is found that the temperature of the ram is too high, the impact sound of reversing or the abnormal sound of stroke oscillation or the sudden stop, etc., the power supply should be cut off immediately and the tool should be withdrawn for inspection, adjustment and repair.

2. After the machine is stopped, return the head ram or gantry planer work surface and tool holder to the specified position. ‘